Graduate Opportunities

We create value to achieve great things at DCANS Investments. No matter your discipline, there’s an opportunity for you to contribute to the growth of the company or larger group. If you possess strong work ethic , you can join us to discover endless opportunities, build lasting relationships.


How to apply

Complete the online application form.

The online application is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Google Chrome 17.0, Firefox 11.0 or Apple Safari 5.1.5 and above.


Important notes

• You may indicate four choices (if any) on your job preference on the same application form. We will process one application per candidate (duplicate entries will be removed).

• Please ensure that you complete the online form when you begin as there is no ‘Save as draft’ function.

• It will take about 30 minutes to complete the online form.

• Files attached must be less than 1MB.

Useful Info

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