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Whatever your role at DCANS Investments, you are part of a team which is contributing to our success. It takes a team to build the perfect home. DCANS Investments is not just about houses, homes, buildings; we need people with a wide range of qualifications, skills and experience in location across Ghana. There’s plenty of opportunities to join a winning team. Find out what is right for you:



Our Land team continuously seek out opportunities to acquire suitable sites to build new homes. They also work closely with the Legal department and the team at DCANS Developments LLC to secure the appropriate planning consents.

Typical roles:

Build Directors, Area Build Managers, Assistant and Site Managers, Materials Controllers.




Legal team works closely with a number of departments, firstly the Land department in the purchasing of land, the Technical departments in adoption agreements and processes, and with the Sales departments with regards to the exchange contracts and legal completions. Local team works under TDG Legal & Accounting.

Typical roles:

Conveyancers, Legal Secretaries, Legal Executives, Legal Administrators.



Customer care

Customer care team implement the quality control process and inspect a property at the time of completion. They also arrange or carry out any maintenance work required in the customer’s new home within the terms of the warranty.

Typical roles:

Area Customer Care Managers, Customer Care Technicians, Customer Care Coordinators.




Build teams work under DCANS Developments LLC, have responsibility for the entire build program on the sites. They oversee the construction process, ensuing that the new homes are built to our high standards in a safe environment. The Build teams work closely with the On-site Sales Teams to assisting with the hand-over of the new homes to our customers.

Typical roles:

Land Managers, Land Buyers, Planning Managers, Land Assistants.




Commercial team works with the Land department to identify the costs of developing the newly identified sites. They also have responsibility for the purchasing of materials and services required to develop the sites.

Typical roles:

Surveyors, Buyers, Estimators, Payment Clerks.




Financial reporting, forecasting and analysis are essential for any of our businesses to function effectively. The Finance team works with all the other departments at varying times, and are involved in activities such as land investment, cost control, forecasting, budgeting and accounting function for the region as well as in-house mortgage application for clients with DCANS Investments LLC, as well as responsible for providing valuable reports to our Group Finance team. The quarterly forecasts and monthly accounts provides key data enable some of the most important strategic decisions for the business. Also responsible for ensuring our people are paid on time.

In the majority of cases, our finance vacancies require successful candidates to have gained a qualification from one of the formally recognised bodies for accountancy such as CIMA or ACCA.

Typical roles:

Accountants, Reporting Managers, Cashiers.




Our Technical teams are involved in designing and planning new homes, the layout of the development and the landscaping, as well as providing a technical service to sites during the build stage.

Typical roles:

Engineers, Designers, Technical Coordinators, Landscape Architects, Land Legal Technical, Customer Care Finance Support functions, Commercial Build Sales and Marketing.



Support functions

To ensure a smooth operation of our businesses, we also employ key personnel in various support functions such as Accounts and Payroll, IT, Health and Safety, Company Secretariat, Human Resources and Training, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Customer Services, Internal Audit and Catering.

Typical roles:

Payroll officers and assistants, Desktop Engineers, HR Officers, Accounts Assistants, Graphic Designers, Internal Auditors.



Sales and Marketing

Each region has a Marketing team that is responsible for the marketing and promotion of developments. Each of our developments has its own Sales Team which has knowledge of the local market and can advise customers on the range of products available. The Sales Advisor supports the customer from start to finish and ensures that they are kept up to date with the ongoing work at their development. The team also strive to ensure that the sales presentation of their sites, including show homes, are of a high standard.

Typical roles:

Payroll officers and assistants, Desktop Engineers, HR Officers, Accounts Assistants, Graphic Designers, Internal Auditors.


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