How we operate

DCANS Investments (DIL) is very forthright (or blunt as some would like to say). Our model makes room only for serious prospective borrowers as it does away with antiquated business processes, practices, structures, inefficiencies and unnecessary operational costs. We do not thrive on the ignorance and naivety of our customers and clients, as happens in many other financial institutions, hence our admonishment to prospective clients to seek independent financial and/or legal advice when necessary, before committing to any loan agreement.


Target Customers/Clients

• Government of Ghana: via T-bills, Bonds, P3 and Other options

• Prospective homebuyers with verifiable sustainable monthly income

• Any borrower with a suitable collateral, in case of loans (or debt financing)

• Corporate institutions looking for private market solutions (incremental liquidity, debtor-in-possession financing/Distressed, pre-IPO, M&A, etc)

• Well-run companies with filed and/or audited company accounts, for LLCs looking for equity financing


Property & Mortgage Loan Business (Non-deposit Taking)

We take a different approach to lending. Straight-forward, open and honest. That's it. We're not interested in all the 'long talk', meetings upon meetings, and all the other time-wasting stuff. We believe in making the borrowing process as simple, clear and as fast as possible – putting you in control. Our common sense approach to each loan means we are often able to structure a deal, where other lenders may not.

Please be aware that DCANS Investments require every loan (excl equity financing) to have a collateral.


Business Model

Our solid business model with several customised components. Our deliberate mix and ratios ensure profitability irrespective of market and economic conditions and a precursor to our long-term business strategies and lines.

1. Customer-independent component with core sustainable revenue model. It has no customers, no products. Trades global financial securities (incl government securities) and instruments via advanced algorithms and automated computer models. Makes up to 80% of our portfolio, business activities and profit centres.

2. Our direct lending to customers makes a minimum of 20% of our portfolio, business activities and income - adjusted upwards as and when necessary. We provide these no-upfront fee, non-deposit-taking loans without any advice or pre-application meeting(s). Lending is purely more of a need to help solve a societal problem and provide cheaper long-term capital and loans to businesses and prospective homebuyers, than the need to generate outside profits with reckless lending. Prospective borrowers are advised to seek their own independent financial and/or legal advice, before signing for any of our legal loan contracts.


Operative Model

Technological advancement has helped streamline our operations at a cheaper cost-effective manner meeting our minimum productivity levels, automating tasks that were previously run by human hands, including even using intelligent computer models and algorithms to make timely lending (investment) decisions. Over 95% of our operations have been digitised and/or automated and does not require any human intervention of any sort.

The 24/7 operating hours provide flexibility. No opening and closing times. Our model allows us to cut operating cost drastically that benefits the customer in cheaper larger loans and credit with speed and flexible terms and conditions.

We do away with hopelessly out-dated business processes, employ the lean human capital we need to carry on relevant business key to achieving our goals and objectives as well as that of serious clients ready to carry business forward. No Talkshop.


Online Applications and Technology

The implementation of e-applications and disbursement platforms has largely help cut down operational cost by almost 90 per cent, since electronic system allows for wider accessibility (and faster efficient processing) as many prospective clients can apply via the system without any human intervention.


Do DCANS Investments ever meet the loan applicant?

There are occasions when we will require a meeting. This tends to be in cases where our loan exposure to the applicant exceeds $2,000,000. These face-to-face meetings happen prior to issuing a Formal Offer.

Otherwise in all circumstances you would meet with a lawyer acting on our behalf, at the closing/settlement or disbursement phase, where our legal representative will physically ID you with the documents you have already supplied with your application online to us. All loans are disbursed only through our in-house legal team and/or qualified external lawyers affiliated to us and not directly to the prospective borrower.

No upfront fees are required to be made to us or to the lawyer - All fees are deducted/applied to the loan to be disbursed and not to be paid out of pocket by the prospective borrower.


Useful Info

Kindly read all our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) carefully before you sign any Loan Agreement. If you do not understand our loan contract terms & conditions, invest in the services of a lawyer before you sign.
Your use of this website and/or our direct lending services constitutes acceptance of our T&Cs.
You must also agree to our Collection Practices and Zero Tolerance for Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) before any loan is advanced.
If you disagree with how we operate and our T&Cs, please don't use our services.