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Important customer information:

• If you provide all the information we ask for it will speed up the application process – only when this form and your supporting documents have been received by us, can we process your application

• You may not have to answer all the sections in this form depending on your requirements or circumstances – we will be happy to advise you about this

• Please use block capitals

• For joint applications you will need to complete both columns where necessary

• If you need extra space you may use Part 14: Additional Information

• If you are a Guarantor and not a borrower, you will need to complete Parts 1-5, and sign Part 15

• If there are more than two applicants and/or Guarantors, you will need to complete an extra loan application form

• If you are applying for a Buy to Let mortgage, you will need to complete a different application form – please refer to us or your Adviser

• Intermediaries/Advisers, please make sure that you complete the Intermediary/Adviser section at the beginning of this form. You should be aware that we are unable to process applications from Intermediaries who are not registered as a business to carry out business.

• This form can either be completed by the prospective clients themselves or by an intermediary on behalf of the prospective client. The prospective client must complete only Part II of this form, but the intermediary must complete both Parts A & B.


Please note that it is an offence to knowingly give false, inaccurate or misleading information when applying for a loan. If you give such information, you may face criminal prosecution and/or civil action for the recovery of any losses incurred by us.

Part A: Intermediary/Adviser Information

Part B1: Applicant Details

Valid Passport, Voters' ID, Driver's License or Ghana Card Accepted. NHIS card not accepted.

Part B2: About Your Business

Part B3: Existing Financial Details

Part B4: Loan Requirements

Part B5: Collateral details

Part B6: Additional Information

Part C: Declaration & Consent

DCANS Investments to whom this application is made to contact your employers (past and present), bankers, other lenders (past and present), accountants, landlords or any other person necessary to verify the information given by you in this form?

DCANS Investments can rely upon the information you have provided in this application, which you confirm is complete and true. It is a criminal offense to knowingly supply false information to obtain a loan.

If any of the information in the application changes prior to the making of the advance then you will inform DCANS Investments?

DCANS Investments may undertake checks with credit reference agencies. When checking your details with the credit reference agencies a record of the search will be made which will be seen by other organisations that make searches and will create association between joint applicants. If your details are checked against any fraud prevention agencies and you give false or inaccurate information and the lender suspects fraud, this will be recorded.

DCANS Investments, the lender, or associated companies, may for marketing purposes update you with details of products and services that it considers relevant to your needs. This will be communicated by email, letter, telephone and text message. If you do not wish to receive this information you can opt out later.

DCANS Investments may store the information you have provided to it on computer or in records. You acknowledge that DCANS Investments will only use information for this purpose registered under the Data Protection Act 2012 and that you may request in writing a copy of the details DCANS Investments holds about you and shall be supplied with such details upon written request to the Data Protection Officer at DCANS Investments together with the payment to DCANS Investments of a fixed fee.


You should get an automated email in your inbox upon a successful form submission. You may have to check your spam folder for the submission confirmation email, as well. If you do not get an automated email within 30 minutes, then your application has not been received by us, and you may need to check your internet connection.

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