Equity Capital

As an active investor into operating companies across many industries and stages, DCANS Investments works to identify companies with upside potential and consistently deliver high returns - We aim to find businesses that have a significant and sustainable competitive advantage. The DCANS Investments model is to provide these companies with capital, management expertise and an active non-executive role, in return for shareholding.

The value of equity capital is computed by estimating the current market value of everything owned by the company from which the total of all liabilities is subtracted. There are no fees associated with this financing but the company borrower must provide us any of the following, aside our own private background checks and financial data sourcing....


What You Will Need

• Company must be registered in Ghana

• Company must be well-established and/or efficiently-run

• Up to date Company Annual Returns

• Up to date Company Accounts/Financial Statements - audited or filed

• Company Profile (incl products/services, staff numbers, etc)

• If business activities require regulation, you must be regulated by relevant statutory bodies

• CVs and Profile of all existing Directors, Shareholders and Top Management Team

• Credible Growth and Sustainability Plan (3-page maximum)

• 3-page maximum Business Model

• Asset & Liability Statement


Areas We Consider

• Financial Services - Banking, Insurance, Pensions, Alternative Financing, Finance Houses

• Healthcare - Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Other Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals

• Accommodation and Food Services - Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Other Eateries

• Manufacturing

• Real Estate and Construction - Office & Retail Spaces, Student Accommodation, Prime Developments

• Telecom, Technology & Media

• Renewable Energy

• Agriculture, Agroprocessing & Exports

• Education

• Professional services - Legal, Valuation, Accounting

• Wholesale & Retail - FMCGs


Key Features

• Only Limited Liability Companies of 2yrs and above

• Loans can range from $10,000 to over $17m

• Disbursements may be done singly or multiple tranches

• Disbursements can take anywhere from 2 months to 18 months depending on progress of discussion and due diligence

• Typically can buy stakes from 1% up to 50%

• Will require proportionate board seats with full voting rights. We reserve the right to nominate whoever we decide to represent us on your board, albeit with relevant industry/sector expertise

• Can exit after 2-5years or earlier

• All or part of the equity can be converted to debt (loans) as a favourable option for the company

• Reserves the right to execute our Buyout all remaining shareholders if that remains the only option to recoup our investments.

• Our equity capital solutions may include follow-on offerings, IPOs, private placements, at-the-market offerings, rights offerings, block trades, equity-linked securities and buybacks.

• No Upfront Fee required. But 8.5% of equity investments is with-held to cover our admin and legal costs. Our Capital Raising model helps corporate clients raise equity capital with us directly by removing any intermediary between the equity issuer and the equity buyer.


Disclaimer: Meeting all our requirements does not guarantee funding. All requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.



Useful Info

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