Funding Sources

We are secure online platform for individual borrowers and SMEs owners to start or grow their businesses by providing access to adequate and equitable funding from private in-house sources.


DCANS Investments has a strong capital-adequacy performance, and a stronger funding position, with in-house funding partners covering the full share of loans, making us less reliant on external funding. DCANS Investments does not take and/or accept deposits from clients before lending or at any time. There are no plans to accept deposits in the near or foreseeable future, for reasons not limited to;

• Client control of our growth strategies,

• 'Short-termism' of depositors and external investors,

• Seeming get-rich quick mindset of most depositors.

• Accountability to diverse depositors and investors

• Attendant operational cost of providing fund management of diverse, mostly unsophisticated risk profiles

• Incompatibility of client deposits and our value-oriented loan portfolio construction strategies


Funding Model

Credit funds are always part of sister and/or group companies. A deliberate funding vehicle to sustain our growth, without ever having to accept and/or rely on client deposits or external investors to lend.


Strategic Investors (In-house Funding Partners)

To give our clients the peace of mind and remove any bad stress from our business, we do not take deposits and upfront fees for accessing loans from us. Fees are only taken off at the time of disbursing the loan.

We lend our own funds as well as additional funding sources from in-house (sister companies). A dedicated group of in-house financial providers, including but not limited to;


DCANS Capital

MSI Capital Ventures

Brooks & Fountains International

TDG Markets

TDG Specialised Accounts and Funds




Cryptomine Tx

Special Group of 30 Selected In-House TDG Lenders (Notebuyers)


Carefully selected for their reliability, ensuring that we provide the flexibility you need from day one.

Useful Info

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