DCANS Investments Ltd is law abiding.

DCANS Investments is currently not regulated for the current loans it provides as they fall under unregulated loans (eg Seller Financing, Rent-to-Own/Rent-to-Buy/Lease Option, Commercial Mortgages including Buy-to-Let, International Mortgages, Expat Mortgages, Some Home Mortgages, etc) by the Bank of Ghana (BoG), which makes regulation only voluntary at this stage as non-deposit taking direct lender. The loan products we directly provide are legal contracts, regulation-exempt and unregulated by the BoG.

We will be fully regulated by the BoG as and when we decide to provide regulated mortgages and loans which requires mandatory regulation.


Regulatory Arbitrage

It is our position that any regulatory costs will add to the borrowing costs of the prospective borrower and that can be a nuisance as we do not take deposits or upfront fees.

For mortgages and loans that remain regulated by the BoG but regulation-exempt or non-regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, UK (FCA, UK), we will provide such services and process it via our UK sister company, DCANS Capital Limited or any interested in-house lender within the group (regarb).


Investment Advice

DCANS Investments is not regulated to provide investment advice to clients


Tax and Accounting Advice

DCANS Investments is not regulated to provide tax and accounting advice to clients


Legal Advice

DCANS Investments is not regulated to provide legal advice to clients



DCANS Investments does not take deposits. DCANS Investments is not licensed to take deposits. DCANS Investments has no intentions of taking deposits now or in the near future.

Loan repayments are not deposits.



DCANS Investments is not providing a regulated service to you, so you will not have access to any Bank of Ghana Redress Service if you wish to complain about our service - that is if there is/was ever any protection for borrowers borrowing from non-deposit taking lender and when there are no usury laws in the books of The Republic of Ghana.


Regulatory & Compliance Team Contacts:

Please direct all enquiries to the group's centralised in-house team here.

Useful Info

Kindly read all our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) carefully before you sign any Loan Agreement. If you do not understand our loan contract terms & conditions, invest in the services of a lawyer before you sign.
Your use of this website and/or our direct lending services constitutes acceptance of our T&Cs.
You must also agree to our Collection Practices and Zero Tolerance for Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) before any loan is advanced.
If you disagree with how we operate and our T&Cs, please don't use our services.